Author: Niranjan Limbachiya

Selecting the Right Regression Testing Tools
23Nov, 2018

Best Practices to Follow for Regression Testing: Selecting the Right Regression Testing Tools

Regression testing is a process of assuring the changes made to the test do not have unintended consequences on the behaviour of the test object. It is performed post the changes are made to the software code. Though there exists a great deal of discussion on what practices to follow for regression tests, there is […]

penetration testing phase II
13Nov, 2018

Various Phases of Penetration Test Kill Chain Model: Understanding Penetration Testing Basics: Part 2

In the earlier post, we saw various penetration testing kill chain models and how to map tools to the penetration tests. In this article, we will look into some of these tools and techniques to position the Raspberry Pi in order to conduct a successful penetration test. Addition of non-standard tools to arsenal Even though […]

penetration testing
05Nov, 2018

Various Phases of Penetration Test Kill Chain Model: Understanding Penetration Testing Basics: Part 1

What is Kill Chain Model? Kill Chains have been used for many years in the defence industry to describe the phases of an activity and help outline what each phase does, how to enter those phases, and how to exit them. Kill Chains are an adapted, action-focused version of the value chain analysis that Michael […]

team foundation server two
02Nov, 2018

Automation Testing: Performing Continuous Integration and Deployment with Team Foundation Server

Automation is a good aid when trying to achieve Continuous Integration and Deployment and as part of the overall scheme, this practice can vastly improve the quality of code and the speed of development. Continuous integration (CI) is usually referred to as the practice of regularly integrating and testing one’s solution to include changes made to […]

agile world
02Nov, 2018

Importance of Regression Testing in this Agile World

Irrespective of how well conceived and tested a program is before being released, a software eventually has to be improved so as to fix bugs or respond to changes in user specifications. In simple terms, regression testing is retesting of previously working software after a change to ensure that unchanged software is still functioning as […]

testing banner
02Nov, 2018

Your Guide to Key User Commands for Automated Scripts in Software Testing

There is no doubt that software development has changed dramatically over the past few decades. With the advent of agile testing methodology, process adaptability and customer satisfaction have become, prima facie, the essence of software testing. At the same time, there is a requirement for more efficient testing frameworks, which will enable more products to […]

penetration test
25Sep, 2018

Penetration Testing: Top 10 OWASP Risks in Mobile Application Security Testing

OWASP or Online Web Application Security Project is a community that operates as a nonprofit group and does not belong to any particular technology company. It operates as a community of like-minded professionals, so it has its unique position to provide impartial information to individuals and companies. Every document, framework, tool, technique and other details […]

mobile app testing service
24Sep, 2018

Top Mobile Application Penetration Testing Tools for Android and iOS

For effective penetration testing, efficient analysis of a system or application in order to identify problems and collect data quickly is done through tools. In this article, we explore tools that should be used for every penetration test for both Android and iOS. This article will cover what each of these tools is used for, […]

software testing services
20Sep, 2018

Reducing Risks in Machine Learning: Top Tests You Can Conduct

Machine learning has been a subject of interest because of its ability to use the information to solve complex problems, including facial recognition, handwriting detection etc. At times, this is done by having varied tests fitted into the machine learning algorithms, such as tests establishing thresholds, formulating a statistical hypothesis, minimizing mean squared errors and […]