Difference Between Application Testing And Game Testing

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26Nov, 2018

First of all, speaking about the basics, we already know how important and essential testing is. Testing is of at most necessity when it comes to delivering a quality rich product that can increase the yield and productivity. Testing is applied to both software applications and games to ensure quality.

Now, the question is, are these two types of testing same or do they vary? Well, the answer is there are a lot of similarities and differences between application testing and game testing. But for the time being, let us go ahead and discuss the differences between application testing and game testing.

How Application Testing Differs From Game Testing?

  • Application Testing Largely Utilizes Automation Scripts

Application testing makes great utilization of automation scripts. These scripts are prepared before or after the written test case are produced. As setting automation scripts usually consume a lot of time, many frameworks and tools have come up for making automation speedier.

  • Game Testing Has Its Complexities

Game testing requires a lot more concentration and dedication and is no fun task. The technological innovations and dynamics involved in game testing are very high in comparison to application testing.

  • Game Drives The Entire Hardware Market

It is true that games dominate and lead the hardware market. Game testers are usually experts in technology and are top-level performers. They are very innovative and look beyond the present trend.


  • It Can Be A Bit Tougher To Become A Software Application Tester

Becoming a software application tester can be a bit more challenging than becoming a game tester. Application testers need to have a higher perception level with advanced testing expertise. However, these skills are not much necessary in case of game testers.

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  • The Number Of Testers Per Project Is Higher In-Game Testing

In case of application testing, there are a small number of testers in each project. However, in game testing, there may be many testers involved in a single project. Moreover, in application testing, a single tester can be involved in several projects simultaneously. But no game tester can be involved in more than a single project at one time.

  • There Is More Teamwork Involved In Application Testing

Application testers generally work in close association with both programmers as well as project managers. However, this is not the case among game testers. Game testers collaborate with programmers only if anything regarding the reported bug stands unclear. Moreover, they have no work with the project managers.

The demand for application testers is much higher, and it requires greater skills to become an app tester. Adding to that, the responsibilities and challenges are also bigger. On the contrary, game testing can be more interesting and pleasant. It is less of a challenging job but involves a greater technological outlook and passion towards innovation. However, both the testing jobs require highly expert professionals for performing them in a well-mannered, structured, and organized way.

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