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automation testing
16Aug, 2018

Top 10 Industry Best Practices in Automation Testing: A Guide for Professionals

Automation Testing is a professional discipline, performed much like software development. In this discipline, certain industry standards and best practices for automating tests have been developed and applied, much akin to a software development effort. In this article, we present some best practices as well as suggestions/ recommendations that are crucial for the development and […]

Big Data and Analytics Testing
21Jun, 2018

Top 5 Takeaways to Prepare for Future of Software Testing

Things are evolving by the day in the technology space and the ones that are able to maintain an edge for themselves are not the ones that look just at the present but also plan for the future and incorporate them into the present. The present sets the base for the future with the current […]

Mobile App Testing
29May, 2018

Tops Tips to Master Your Way through Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Application testing is one of the most sensitive areas in automation testing and therefore require special attention. Usability, especially mobile usability, is a huge, complex, and important topic. Good usability requires lots of refining, intense user research, and even more testing with real users. It is important that your app be easy to use; […]