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24Sep, 2019

Some developers attempt to do as little QA and testing as possible to reduce costs, but we assure you that QA is worth every penny — in fact, QA can save you money, time, and, ultimately, your product.

KiwiQA Services is a one-stop QA shop, and we’re committed to perfecting the end user experience. We take a proactive approach to making sure software doesn’t have any defects or bugs. No matter how time-consuming or seemingly minute the problem is, we’ll find it and we’ll fix it.

Development and QA Process

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The glowing testimonials provided by our loyal clients is what sets us apart. We’re excited to have collected 3 reviews on Clutch, a respected authority in the B2B space.

How We Helped The Loop Inc?

Our most recent review came from The Loop Inc., a UK developer of apps for events, conferences, meetings, and trade shows. They hired us to do a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of their platform.

After we tested their system and carefully analyzed their apps, we found more than a dozen vulnerabilities! However, we didn’t just send a report listing the vulnerabilities; we also provided advice on how to resolve the issues. The client was so pleased with our performance that they left us an overall rating of 5 stars on Clutch.

How We Helped Gameforge?

Gameforge, a German provider of free-to-play multiplayer online games, left us another positive review on Clutch. In order to find potential security vulnerabilities, Gameforge hired us to do a security audit of one of their web platforms. After performing the audit, we delivered a risk assessment and suggestions for fixing the problems.

Clutch KiwiQA Review“Thanks to KiwiQA Services’ excellent reporting and risk assessment, we were able to fix existing vulnerabilities effectively. I’m happy with the quality of their evaluation.” — Team Lead of QA, Gameforge

Gameforge praised how responsive and flexible we were, and they appreciated the many progress reports we provided throughout the project. We also received a 5-star review from CyberIT AS, a Norwegian technology firm.

They approached us to implement an effective, robust, and automated testing process. Within less than a month, we delivered just that!

KiwiQA on Clutch

On Clutch, we’re ranked among the best software testing companies in India — in fact, we’re fourth on the list of more than 300 vendors! KiwiQA is also deemed a top 50 software testing company on The Manifest, an approachable business guide that navigates the ins and outs of the buyer journey.

As you can surmise, we service a wide gamut of testing and QA needs for clients who come from around the world. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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