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A Comprehensive Guide To Create An Excellent Testing Strategy From Scratch
22Jan, 2019

A Comprehensive Guide To Create An Excellent Testing Strategy From Scratch

Before implementing software testing strategy, the test managers and the testers collectively build a good test strategy and outline the same in a test strategy document. This document explains the entire testing approach. It consists of a strategic plan that showcases your objective and the method by which you will be achieving it. The test […]

In-house Software Testing OR Outsourcing Software Testing Service
16Jan, 2019

In-house Software Testing OR Outsourcing Software Testing Service

Choosing between in-house testing and outsourcing is often a tough decision. Many organizations think outsourcing the software testing requirements is actually an intelligent business strategy and a smart decision. However, other companies feel that outsourcing can be a waste of business capital and in-house testing should be the right approach. Well, the point here is […]

Voice Based Apps Testing
01Jan, 2019

The Complete Guide to Voice Based Apps Testing

No matter you are experienced, or a complete newbie in testing voice-based applications such as Google Home actions and Alexa skill, this piece of article is focused on delivering you a comprehensive knowledge about the challenges faced while carrying out software testing services for voice-based applications. Here you will also explore some basic testing tools […]

Tips to Define Test Scope for Software Testing
18Dec, 2018

Tips to Define Test Scope for Software Testing

In this highly competitive world of today, every industry is struggling hard to strive under strict deadlines and high work pressure. The industry of Information Technology is not an exception in any way either. In such a scenario, the software development and testing teams need to adopt the methods of agile testing for keeping up […]

software testing | managing test process
10Sep, 2018

Managing a Test Process: 8 Tips to Manage Test Process Efficiently

Many businesses ignore the necessary software testing tasks until the development ends, that is, after implementation begins or after it has been completed. Such delays make testing processes a compromised affair. By the time the developers start focusing on testing, resources (time as well as capital) have already been used up in solving the issues with […]

Regressing Testing in USA Australia
08Sep, 2018

Regression Testing: Contextualizing regression testing in evolving software security practices

The act of retesting the modified software is known as Regression Testing. Regression testing constitutes a huge amount of testing solutions in commercial software development and is an essential aspect of any realistic software development life cycle. The larger systems or components generally have larger sets of regression test. Regression testing is generally incorporated into […]

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03Sep, 2018

Post Deployment Monitoring in E-Commerce Testing: A Guide to Acing Testing in E-Commerce

Suppose you were browsing an e-commerce site and thinking about using it to buy an airline ticket for the first time, but it failed while you were searching for a flight. It’s not likely that you would report a problem to the company running the site. After all, it is not your problem, it’s theirs. […]

Penetration Testing
30Aug, 2018

Penetration Testing for Beginners

In common parlance, penetration testing is often defined as an authorized and legal attempt to disclose exploits in systems/applications in order to make them more secure. Penetration testing generally involves searching for weaknesses and providing POC (i.e. proof of concept) attacks to validate the significance of vulnerabilities/flaws in the system. A well-defined penetration test also […]