Top Mobile App Testing Trends For 2020

Mobile App Testing Trends 2020
18Feb, 2020

The new mobile app testing trends are approaching, giving more effective results for business productivity. On the verge of the end of the year 2019, the mobile app development and testing measures are evolving for the coming year of 2020 to refine the testing ideologies and work more on improving current testing strategies.

Mobile App Testing Trends In 2020

1. Agile and DevOps

Agile has earned its reputations in the market where the organizations are improvising rapid change necessity, and DevOps complements it by fulfilling the speed requirements. The role of DevOps is to implement the rules, practices, and process the functionalities using the necessary tools to commence operation and development on mobile apps.

The collaboration of DevOps and Agile helps the testing teams to develop better mobile apps and put more focus on quality and speed. This technique is famous for 5 years and is on a mission to give better services in the coming years.

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2. Automation Testing

The practices and processes of DevOps can be enhanced with the test automation techniques. The DevOps process is incomplete without a valid test automation services. In the coming year of 2020, the methodologies will include replacing the standard testing measures with automation testing. Even the minute testing requirements will be scaled on automation for better efficient outcomes using DevOps.

The implementation of some of the popular tools for automation Katalon, Selenium, TestComplete, and others is on a track to evolve with more features for better results on an effective scale.

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3. Testing with AI

Artificial Intelligence is a growing technology in the current era. The software research community as a whole is planning on implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence on the testing platform. The results and the outcomes are still in its early predictions with the implementation of AI and ML.

In the coming year of 2020, The AI algorithms will be useful in generating better test cases, reports, scripts, and data for efficient outcomes. It will help design test models to identify the loopholes and errors during the mobile app development process. Another best thing is that AI comes with smart visualization and analytics to find and rectify the faults at ease. Using AI, the high-risk zones of mobile apps can be exploited for fixes.

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4. IoT Testing

Smartphones and smart wearable gadgets are taking up the hype in the current era. The mobile application testing trends have surpassed the standard requirements by adopting IoT. In the year of 2020, app testing with the implementation of IoT testing will enhance data security, eradicate the connection issues, reduces the power consumption, and also takes a step for advanced functionality.

These are a few of the many mobile testing trends in the year 2020. The QA engineers all across the world are planning on implementing these new ideologies on to their testing platforms to give an enhanced output to their clients. With these new additions, the coming year is going to be an evolving era for the mobile app testing functionalities.

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