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24Sep, 2018

Top Mobile Application Penetration Testing Tools for Android and iOS

For effective penetration testing, efficient analysis of a system or application in order to identify problems and collect data quickly is done through tools. In this article, we explore tools that should be used for every penetration test for both Android and iOS. This article will cover what each of these tools is used for, […]

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20Sep, 2018

Reducing Risks in Machine Learning: Top Tests You Can Conduct

Machine learning has been a subject of interest because of its ability to use the information to solve complex problems, including facial recognition, handwriting detection etc. At times, this is done by having varied tests fitted into the machine learning algorithms, such as tests establishing thresholds, formulating a statistical hypothesis, minimizing mean squared errors and […]

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29May, 2018

Tops Tips to Master Your Way through Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Application testing is one of the most sensitive areas in automation testing and therefore require special attention. Usability, especially mobile usability, is a huge, complex, and important topic. Good usability requires lots of refining, intense user research, and even more testing with real users. It is important that your app be easy to use; […]