6 Common Myths About Software Testing Outsourcing

Software Testing Outsourcing
10Apr, 2020

Most of the people ignore their thoughts of software or QA testing due to their belief in some kinds of myth. You might have heard it in some of your meetings that there are certain loopholes in software testing outsourcing that demotivated your thoughts of acquiring the service. Well, all of these are nothing else but myths that are being blindly trusted. In this article, you will know about some of such myths that are getting circulated faster than one can imagine.

Myths Associated with Software Testing Outsourcing

1. Software Testing Outsourcing Adds the Risk of Losing Internal Knowledge and Intellectual Property

Outsourcing is not that high a risk factor as you cannot even trust your own employees for the same work. The talented and skilled tech employees eventually switch jobs after a certain period of time, and that might compromise your internal knowledge and intellectual property as well. But when you seek outsourcing help, the providers sign a confidential agreement on high priority to protect your internal knowledge and trade secrets with the best possible security measures.

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2. Losing Control Over Software Testing Outsourcing Team

When you hire an outsourced QA testing company for your software testing needs, you will primarily sign a service agreement. You will always be the controlling person of your project without any second thoughts. There is no way that any of the new features will be implemented or removed without your consent.

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You will never lose control over your outsourcing team as they will follow all the agreement guidelines and will be in touch with you over video conferencing and other modes to give you updates regarding your project. The delivery managers of the outsourcing companies also make sure that all the progress is recorded as per the requirement of the client or the customer. Therefore, this statement is a complete myth that you will lose control over your outsourcing team over time.

3. Outsourcing Results in Loss of Data

The software testing outsourcing firms offer you several confidentiality contracts to ensure that your business data is secure without the fear of any data loss. It is evident that trusting the outsourcing companies on verbal terms is not appropriate for which there are many documental procedures to ensure the trust of service.

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The firms make sure that all the agreements such as NDA, SOW, MSA, and others are signed duly before the commencement of the services. These agreements are mandatory for signing for all the firms that offer services for dealing with the private information of organizations. Therefore, you can be assured of the security of your data with the outsourcing companies making this thought a complete myth.

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4. QA Tester or Engineer Is Similar to A Software Developer

QA testing practices are different from those of software testing. Both have different approaches for their respective works, but the general development process needs to be learned by the QA testers to commence with the testing practices. The software developers make a separate approach towards any application or software, whereas QA testers focus primarily on only testing the attributes of the software and fixing the bugs without altering any of the original development work.

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Before proceeding with the QA testing work, the software testing outsourcing team will design a test plan with all the parameters that require testing. After completion of the process, this test plan becomes an essential document to verify whether all the parameters are checked or not. There is no such procedure or process of testing in the field of software development. They both are different, and both professions are essential differences in their respective platforms. QA or Software testing engineer is the middle man that ensures that the developed software will perform well during production.

5. Automation Testing Is Better Than Outsourcing Manual Testing

People tend to believe this myth that manual testing is outdated, and automation testing methods will do the necessary works. User experience is something that the automated measures cannot easily identify or work upon. Though there are certain measures to test the user experience aspect on the automated platform, the efficiency rate will always be less than the manual testing.

Some of the aspects of software testing require regressive checking, exploratory tests, user-perspective, and others that are efficiently possible in manual testing. Today, both automation and manual testing is essential and crucial as in both aspects and the quality software output is the main focus.

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6. Software Testing Outsourcing Team Will Only List Down the Bugs

It is a myth and a false assumption that the testers will only list down the bugs they found. The software testers are skilled with countermeasure tactics to rectify the bugs and make the software efficient enough without any bugs before delivery. The software testing team intends to give you the projected growth it deserves, and for that, they undergo a clear testing process and maintains a document with several reviews of the tests.

This report consists of requirement analysis, product architecture, tech analytics, and others. They ensure to have a significant impact on the developed software to find out its flaws and fix them to ensure a successful release and best customer experience. So, this point is completely a myth that they only find and list the bugs. They also emphasize rectifying them all.

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These are many other myths of software testing outsourcing for organizations. People intend to believe such myths when they hear it from several people talking about it. But without consulting or interacting, believing in certain talks without any evidence can be destructive for your business in the long run.

Software testing outsourcing is not that expensive and is worth the investment to avoid disastrous downfalls in the future due to the inappropriate performance of the software. Therefore, make sure you clear all the myths and give a chance to the software testing outsourcing firm which can help you to refine your software for a healthy production on release.

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