Top 7 Software Testing Tools For 2020

Software Testing Tools for 2020
21Jan, 2020

Today almost every small or large scale business organization runs its business ideology upfront using the software. Therefore the software testing part is very much essential to determine the loopholes in it to prevent it from affecting the business. There are numerous software testing tools available in the market for making the job easy for the quality testers.

Although, there are many software testing tools available right away in the market today, you cannot pick any one of them for your use. You need to evaluate your software configuration and then decide on which testing tool can be the best bet for your software.

Here are some of the top software testing tools that are evolved and updated for the year 2020.

The Top Tools For Software Testing In 2020

Here are some of the shortlisted names of the top software testing tools that have a high expectancy of producing fruitful results in the running year.

1. Selenium

The Selenium tool is designed to emphasize all the functional operations of the software that includes automation. Selenium supports different browsers and testing platforms for the efficacy of software testing. Some of the exclusive features of Selenium that puts it on the top list are:

  • You can execute parallel testing programs using Selenium.
  • The necessity of resources is very less with the use of Selenium.
  • It is compatible with different operating systems.

Not only has that, but Selenium also worked perfectly with various programming languages such as Java, C #, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and others.

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2. Ranorex

Today Ranorex is widely preferable by more than 4000 companies for their software testing needs. It is a one-stop software testing tool that handles testing for desktop, mobile, and web applications. The interface of Ranorex is also accessible by the beginners, and the experts can extract the best possible testing benefits out of it. Some of the exclusive features of Ranorex are:

  • The object identification functionality is purely reliable, even with the dynamic ID of web applications.
  • The code modules used in Ranorex can be reused to lower the need for testing maintenance.
  • Ranorex has an integration option that will help you integrate with other tools such as TestRail, Travis CI, Jira, Jenkins, and others.

With Ranorex, you can also go for cross-platform testing without any chance of complications in the software.

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3. Squish

Squish is a renowned software testing tool that implements the technology of GUI for testing the automation functionality of the web, desktop, or mobile software. The best thing about Squish is the cross-platform testing technology that keeps it on the list of top testing tools. Some of the critical features of Squish include:

  • Squish is compatible with almost all other GUI technologies.
  • With squish, you can also go for the recording of test scripts for better output.
  • Squish will help you run image and object verification for better software testing output.
  • It has a great integration environment that makes it one of the most reliable testing tools.

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4. TestComplete

TestComplete is another addition to the list of web, desktop, and mobile application testing in the year 2020. The efficacy and functionality of this testing tool are enhanced for better processing. It tests your software on over 1500 test environments. Some of the features of TestComplete are:

  • TestComplete is capable of running UI tests with high functionality.
  • It supports testing of software with different programming languages that include JavaScript, Python, VBScript, and others.
  • It supports parallel testing, cross-browser testing, regression testing, and others.
  • TestComplete supports extensive application testing such as android applications, hybrid iOS applications, and .Net applications.

5. Worksoft Certify

Worksoft Certify is again one of the top software testing tools used by several companies for their software testing needs. Worksoft Certify is capable of validation testing, compliance testing, scale testing, and measurement testing. Some of the key features of Worksoft Certify are:

  • Worksoft Certify has a scriptless approach, which means you do not need to prepare test scripts for testing processing.
  • The interface is easy for beginners to understand the process of software testing using Worksoft Certify.
  • It supports an extensive list of applications for testing.

Not only is that, but Worksoft Certify also equipped with customized codes for better testing results.

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With LEAPWORK, you do not need programming concepts for testing your software or application. In this software testing tool, the testing process follows the test cases that are in the form of flow charts. It consists of powerful blocks that comprise commands essential for testing the applications. Some of the features of Leap work are:

  • It supports complete testing procedures across a wide variety of technology. It means that you can complete the testing procedure in a single flow and move from desktop to web application seamlessly.
  • It detects the troubles in no time by making use of the visual documentation.

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7. Watir

Watir is a web application testing tool that makes use of cross-platform ideology and is an open-source tool. Some of the extensive features of Waitr that puts it on the list of top software testing tools are:

  • It is a free testing tool available for use.
  • It can help user-run tests on different platforms and browsers.
  • It uses fewer resources but is a potent testing tool that gives out productive output.
  • It is very much interactive that will help you fill the form or validate the text at ease.
  • The workflow of this testing tool is effortless and secure for beginners to understand and run their testing process.

These are the top seven best software testing tools for the year 2020. Use these different types of testing tools to derive the best version of your web, desktop, or mobile application to help you support your business growth. Many business owners of today are looking for better remedies to improve their business application interface for a better hold amongst the audience. So, choose the right kind of software testing tool this year to earn better market results.

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