The 8 Biggest Software Testing Trends for 2020

software testing trends 2020
27Dec, 2019

The field of software testing is undergoing continuous evolution. With the ongoing developments in technology, software testing experts have come up with the latest trends for the software testing industry. The latest trends in software testing are sure to enhance the success rate of application software.

Some of the biggest trends in software testing in 2020 are:

1. Big Data Testing

Big data testing has already gained a lot of importance and will still continue to grow in the near future. This testing helps in the evaluation of the functionality as well as the performance of different applications. In the big data testing, the testers need to verify the effective processing of the terabytes of data. While data quality is an important factor of this testing, the quality is checked in terms of accuracy, validity, consistency, conformity, duplication, and more.

2. Performance Testing to Performance Engineering

In the field of software testing, the year 2020 will witness a shift from performance testing to performance engineering. For any enterprise, the optimum performance of an application is of high importance for better success at the commercial market. Performance engineering will focus on important elements like configuration quality, convenience, the practicality of use, and customer value in order to provide enhanced customer experiences.

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3. Test Automation

Automation is widely becoming a popular trend in the IT industry. The software testing will also undergo a transition, including automatic verification of different codes and processes. Test automation will not only reduce the time and effort of software testing but will also provide the best benefits of the enterprises.

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4. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Testing

Incorporation of machine learning and artificial intelligence to software testing is one of the important trends of 2020 that will bring about a revolution in the development and use of the application. The use of artificial intelligence and analytics will help in optimizing quality assurance. The adoption of machine learning will help in identifying the high-risk points of application, optimizing test suites, predicting test configurations, and log analytics.

5. Flexible Approach

A flexible approach in software testing is proved to be more effective. As software applications are developed in real-time according to the requirements of the clients, development can deviate from the intended plan in order to achieve the desired results. The testers need to be prepared for conducting any unplanned tests efficiently to eliminate potential problems before the launch.

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6. Agile and DevOps

Many enterprises are increasingly adopting Agile and DevOps for software testing. While Agile helps in actively responding to the fast-changing requirements, DevOps helps in meeting the speed requirement. The adopt of Agile and DevOps helps the software industry to deliver high-quality software at a faster pace.

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7. IoT Testing

IoT has become a popular full-fledged market in recent times. By the year 2020, the number of smart devices is expected to increase to 20.8 billion. With the rapid growth of the IT sector, the Internet of Things market is also growing rapidly. IoT, as the latest trend of software testing, will help in safety assessment, evaluation of data integrity, monitoring of connection delay, and scalability testing.

8. Demand for Risk Compliance and Cyber Security

As the digital revolution is witnessing increased security threats, the demand for risk compliance and cyber security will increase. Focusing on strengthening security testing will be the aim of the tester to ensure that there is no loophole left.

With a lot of changes, software testing is expected to reach a higher level in 2020. Along with automation replacing manual testing, the software industry will focus more on artificial intelligence.

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