Top 6 Challenges Testers Face During Mobile App Testing

Top 6 Challenges Testers Face During Mobile App Testing
25Jun, 2020

With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, the need for mobile app testing has also increased. In comparison to web app testing, mobile app testing is more complex. In order to survive in a highly competitive market, delivering bug-free and high-quality mobile apps have become important. However, while doing so, the testers face a number of mobile app testing challenges on a daily basis.

Here are some of the major challenges of mobile app testing that the testers usually face:

1. Device Fragmentation

Device fragmentation is one of the top challenges of mobile app testing that the testers come across. The availability of a wide range of mobile device models makes it difficult for the selection of the right testing matrix due to the countless permutations possible. While the number of Android devices is increasing every year, it poses new challenges for the testers. It makes it difficult to ensure whether an application will run flawlessly on all the mobile devices or not. It is mainly because of the difference in the hardware specifications like memory, OS optimization, screen resolution, and more.

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2. Changing User Requirements

The rapidly changing user requirements are yet another challenge for the mobile app testers. As the expectations of the users change frequently, mobile apps require new upgrades. With the changes, there is a possibility of the detection of new bugs. These bugs need to be fixed in order to provide an enhanced user experience. Also, due to the rapid change in the mobile app development environment, the testers face challenges in testing. A professional mobile app testing service provider company can help you to overcome such challenges.

3. Selection of Testing Tools

Testing the latest mobile applications require innovative testing approaches and advanced tools. The selection of the right set of tools for testing applications is another challenge for the testers. While there are a number of testing tools available, choosing the right one becomes difficult to ensure effectiveness. However, having a testing plan and an appropriate strategy can help the testers overcome this challenge.

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4. Operating System Version

Different mobile devices use different operating systems like windows, android, iOS, and more. Moreover, the versions of the operating system also differ. This makes mobile app testing even more challenging for the testers. While every OS has its own limitation, testing the mobile app for each of the OS adds to the complexity of testing. The OS versions are also upgraded frequently by the users. The tester needs to keep all these things in mind in order to offer a positive user experience.

5. Universal Usage

The growing demand of mobile applications requires the testers to test them in order to ensure its usability worldwide. The increase in the testing of the mobile applications that are meant to be used across different cultures and languages poses yet another challenge for the testers. Testers need to take into account the traits of the target audience. It requires the testers to focus on various additional aspects like time zone, language settings, regional settings, and more. The testers need to ensure that the mobile application is ready for use in the international markets.

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6. Screen Sizes

The screen size of different mobile devices varies. While the screen size of the android phones is mostly between 2.6’’ to 6”, that of iPhone ranges from 3.5’’ to 12’’. With the launch of new models, the screen size keeps changing, which adds to the complexity of app testing. Testers need to check the various elements like aspect ratio, pixel density, and more to ensure that the app is compatible with all the screen sizes.

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Apart from the challenges listed above, there are more others that the mobile app testers face daily. Adopting the right strategies can help the testers in overcoming all the potential mobile app testing challenges effectively.

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