Web Application Security Testing Service
26Jan, 2018

Top testing challenges experienced by the quality testing professionals

An Overview At present, development life cycles have changed into quickened and time-productive procedures, which further have added to noteworthy transformations in the meaning of software quality assurance. Right now, it has its main emphasis on keep progressing along with the market with no compromise in the quality of the product. Enhanced activities of software […]

top 5 testing trends
26Jan, 2018

Top 5 Testing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

An Overview Since the last couple of years, everybody has seen a remarkable progression of software development.  The systems and techniques of software testing, as well as test management tools, are in a consistent move. The system software applications are getting disturbed by the rising digital transformation as it is opening up the requirement for […]

cloud app testing
26Jan, 2018

6 Vital Points to Consider For Testing Cloud-Based Apps

An Overview Cloud computing, at present, is the current advancement of the concept known as distributed computing, which can bolster on-call service associating by means of the advanced level of adaptability and dynamic versatility. In cloud computing environment, the scalability and flexibility can be achieved with the help of cloud load balancing of application occurrences […]

QA Automation Services
26Jan, 2018

Digital Transformation Accentuates On Making QA Focus More On Customer Experience

An Overview With the advancement of technology and the availability of the various digital channels, the interaction of the businesses and customers has increased significantly. The current innovations and digital developments around mobile, social media, IoT, Big Data analytics and the smart devices are the enablers of the digital transformation. Today, businesses that want to […]

performance testing
26Jan, 2018

Agile And Devops Adoption Is Not Possible Without Thorough Speed And Integration Testing

An Overview Today not just businesses but also the end users are highly dependent on the software and mobile apps. A high percentage of people own smartphones and use complex software solutions in the offices to carry out a wide array of tasks varying in complexity as well as cruciality. As a result, in order […]

Software Testing Services Company
24Jan, 2018

Top Ways In Which Agile Testing Helps In Eliminating Testing Inefficiencies

An Overview Owing to the high demand of extensive software and applications which can perform a perform exceptionally well, the software development is gradually shifting towards new development methodologies, out of which, agile development is the most prominent one. Agile testing can simply be understood as a software testing methodology which follows the agile software […]

mobile application testing services
24Jan, 2018

Vital Points About Test Management For Carrying Out Testing Multiple Integrated IT Systems

An Overview Test management is one of the most critical elements of the overall testing process and the development of the highest quality software and hardware products isn’t possible without efficient test management techniques. Today, the software products and applications which are being developed are quite complex in nature, and that’s why smart test management […]