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Manual Testing | Independent Testing Company
08May, 2018

Making Manual Testing Better- Five Shortfalls and Suggestions

Manual software testing is always regarded as the backbone of the entire software testing process. All testers, QA staffs, developers, programmers, and software engineers conduct manual testing on their code, to at least some degree. Though it is a critical element of software testing, it is certainly not the be-all and end-all. Furthermore, it is […]

Manual Testing | Independent Testing Company
01May, 2018

Six Common Misconceptions About Software Testing You Should Know

The art of software testing is extremely sophisticated and often misunderstood by those who do not engage in software testing. For such ‘non-testers’, these common misconceptions about software testing are often related to how software testing differs from other forms of testing. Here, we discuss six common misconceptions that every tester should know- Misconception 1: […]

QA Automation Services
26Jan, 2018

Digital Transformation Accentuates On Making QA Focus More On Customer Experience

An Overview With the advancement of technology and the availability of the various digital channels, the interaction of the businesses and customers has increased significantly. The current innovations and digital developments around mobile, social media, IoT, Big Data analytics and the smart devices are the enablers of the digital transformation. Today, businesses that want to […]

performance testing
26Jan, 2018

Agile And Devops Adoption Is Not Possible Without Thorough Speed And Integration Testing

An Overview Today not just businesses but also the end users are highly dependent on the software and mobile apps. A high percentage of people own smartphones and use complex software solutions in the offices to carry out a wide array of tasks varying in complexity as well as cruciality. As a result, in order […]