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software testing outsourcing
03Dec, 2018

Things To Consider Before Outsourcing Software Testing Services

With the ever-increasing competition in the markets today, the need to produce high-quality software products is also rising. To stand out, businesses in the IT sector need to supply outstanding software products constantly. And to produce excellent software applications, they have to put in the perfect testing services. A very productive business strategy that can […]

penetration testing phase II
13Nov, 2018

Various Phases of Penetration Test Kill Chain Model: Understanding Penetration Testing Basics: Part 2

In the earlier post, we saw various penetration testing kill chain models and how to map tools to the penetration tests. In this article, we will look into some of these tools and techniques to position the Raspberry Pi in order to conduct a successful penetration test. Addition of non-standard tools to arsenal Even though […]

penetration testing
05Nov, 2018

Various Phases of Penetration Test Kill Chain Model: Understanding Penetration Testing Basics: Part 1

What is Kill Chain Model? Kill Chains have been used for many years in the defence industry to describe the phases of an activity and help outline what each phase does, how to enter those phases, and how to exit them. Kill Chains are an adapted, action-focused version of the value chain analysis that Michael […]

Security Testing
08Aug, 2018

Web Security Testing: Learning the Basics

One of the gravest concerns for modern companies in current times is security testing. However, security testing often remains one of the least understood and well-defined testing activity for modern testers. Web security testing requires domains of expertise beyond traditional software testing in order to execute complex tasks and is, therefore, a skill in great […]

Security Testing
06Jun, 2018

Top 10 best Web application Security Testing Tools

Web application security is of utmost importance in these times due to rising threat of hackers and data leaks. So, in order to avoid this security of web application is really important. Web application security scanners is a programme which performs testing on web application and identifies security vulnerabilities. They just perform functional testing without […]